Meal Planning for a week

Grocery shopping is a real time-suck. I’ve always enjoyed it, but I’ve never had an eye on budget, or had I in mind what I was going to make with the things I would buy. For example, these eggplants look in season, I’ll take them – without a second thought as to how I was…

Closet Organisation

7 tips on how to declutter and organise your closet to save time, money and mess!

Oops. I’ve made a mess.

I used to think that my fiancé was borderline OCD when it came to cleaning and organization. It baffled me that he hired a housekeeper to come in every day to clean our house (both of us work). But now, I get it.

It’s the little things that don’t take too much extra time, that when put together have the overall effect of making life just that much nicer.

Here are 6 tips I’ve picked up that may also help you!