Productive Indulgence

Right now I have my phone set on a 10 minute timer while I’m running a bath upstairs. Fiancé has decided to go to confession (a ritual which I’m still not too sure I understand, but ok, no judgment) and so nothing calls more for a nice warm bath than a calm Saturday afternoon at…

Quando si è alzato il gomito just a little too much

Best hangover cures and things that occur to me when I’m feeling particularly under the weather. Tips I’m passing on with a grain of “do as I say, and not as I do” – but of course, what I will do from now on too!

Making sure I don’t gain a ton over Christmas

Christmas usually means a lot of social events and gathering over food and wine and often these are long lunches or dinners. So if all the meals are quite heavy, this means that you really only have breakfast to combat the battle of the bulge.