Thanks for visiting my page! So, what is this page all about? In a nutshell, it’s about how to be an Italian housewife.

but why?

After spending 12 years building my career and finally getting my shit together, feeling invincible and making bank in a male-dominated industry, I found myself suddenly in a serious relationship, in a different country, and adopting a new role as a work-from-home housewife.

So apart from being a super ambitious go-getter, I’m also a hopeless romantic who believes so much in love. Hence the move. But that’s kind of beside the point. The point is that the pragmatic, over-achiever in me realized that I didn’t have the type of knowledge or experience to do this housewife, domestic goddess thing with as much confidence as I had tackling a boardroom negotiation, product launch or any of the other issues I faced as a director of a company. This new role was absolutely daunting to me.

Throw in the fact that my fiancé happens to be Italian. So yes, he has the perfect Italian mamma, who is a domestic extraordinaire. You can imagine the pressure on a girl who only ever had to clean her own room, and make the odd midnight snack here or there.

As much as I love business, I also really appreciate the importance of having a nice home. Home is not only a place, it’s an atmosphere, it’s a family. And it has to be created and felt. This is why it’s important to me now, building a life and a home with somebody else, that my entire focus is not only on my work and myself.

So here are the findings from my journey of discovery from corporate to casa. De-mystifying the ins-and-outs of housewife life (wow, that sounds super unglamorous). Let’s change that, demystifying how to become the perfect casalinga. How to be an Italian housewife.

I hope you enjoy my site and find some of the tips useful!