Baby Stroller Shopping

Today we went Prenatal in Bergamo to test out baby strollers. I am curious to try the Bugaboo Fox (which this store doesn’t carry), but on advice from friends, we went to take a look at the Stokke strollers too. Stokke strollers are apparently “il piu figo” and all the rage here in Italian parenthood-world.

While we were at the store, we also came across  Inglesina and Peg-perigo baby strollers that seemed super practical at a slightly lower price-range.

So the first thing is that the Stokke stroller positions the baby higher. So that means that if you’re a tall parent this is a huge pro. But to fold that thing was like a 5 step process -super non-efficient. Compared to the other 2 strollers (which were a cakewalk to fold and assemble in comparison), I would say that it’s probably not the baby stroller for me. To top it off, none of these strollers come as a very obvious plug-and-play set. Everything is priced separately from the frame and almost considered an accessory. Why?  Would you go to buy a car chassis without the seats… strange.

Next week we’ll go to check out the Bugaboo Fox which looks really promising from what we’ve see so far on their site and also in the shop window. I think it’s important to go and actually try the stroller because we’re hoping that once the baby arrives we won’t need to drastically change our lifestyles. I hope to get out a bit more when we move closer to the centre of Bergamo and having a cute, super practical and comfortable stroller is probably going to be a valuable investment.  Does anyone have the Fox? It’s strange the Bugaboo isn’t really popular here…


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