Prenatal yoga at home

After a horrible first trimester where all I managed was the occasional walk around the park, I noticed that my butt was as flat as a pancake. Totally not the look I’m going for even while pregnant and all.

So by the time I hit my second trimester and the morning sickness had worn off, I went straight for pilates reformer workouts. I have a Balanced Body reformer at home in Asia and usually take the web classes on a subscription basis with Pilates Anytime (which is so good by the way). I found a pre-natal course and did about 1 hour each day for about a week before returning to Italy.

After only 3 days my butt was back to its perky self again! But now that I’m back in Italy, without a reformer, yet to find a pilates reformer class to take on the regular, I’ve started to do prenatal yoga. I follow along with an app that I have on my phone. I know it’s not like a Pilates workout, but at least it’s something for movement and muscle strength, right?

Having practised yoga for over 10 years now, I have to be honest and say that I am yet to find any enjoyment out of prenatal yoga.


What are the best, more challenging poses in prenatal yoga? I find the poses I came across in these classes to be so conservative that my mind just keeps wandering and it’s difficult to focus on the pose and breathing. I don’t get that mental holiday/clarity that I normally feel after a yoga class. Does anyone have tips or favourite poses/classes for prenatal yoga?

Thank you! x

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