We’re building a house!

In the midst of my pregnancy, we’re building a house so that we can move closer to the city centre.

One thing that I’m so, so happy about is that there is going to be so much light in the new house. Windows everywhere. Best of all, I’m going to have an office! Not the corner of the living room. My husband also as a surprise for me decided to add a balcony to my office, and I’m already thinking that maybe I can roll a cot in there too to look after the baby when she arrives.

I never thought building a house would be so hands-on. I always imagined we’d just have a designer come in and give us a few mock ups, mood boards and we’d choose one and after a few months, voila!

But my husband has done this a couple of times and his houses have always been beautiful but also practical. So I decided that I would follow along this process with him. I’m the kind of person who loves to have a plan, stick to it and just make all decisions in one go. But with something as personal as a home, this is what we’ve done, in order:


  1. Decided on a general layout for the space. How many rooms we wanted and roughly how big each room should be.
  2. Took a look at kitchen ideas at IKEA and other kitchen showrooms.
  3. Had our idea of an ideal kitchen drawn up by an interior designer.
  4. Had the built-in furnishings in the bedroom designed by the interior designer.
  5. Chose the floorings.
  6. Chose the kitchen finishings to match the floorings.
  7. Selected bathroom tiles and finishings to match the flooring of the common spaces.
  8. Went to visit the site, now partitioned into “rooms”, to decide where to put all the electrical sockets and switches.
  9. And now, we’re choosing furniture and the next week we’ll figure out the lighting fixtures.

I think I’m going to keep my office desk and seat for the time-being. I really like both. White tempered glass, and a ghost chair. Just what I like! And in a room with plenty of sunshine… I can’t wait! I’m still deciding on the best layout in terms of feng shui and chi (yesss, I believe that stuff has its validity!).

Honestly we went to choose the floorings more than twice and the bathroom tiling too. It’s so strange because one day you can feel so convinced of one thing, and then when you come across the real thing in say a hotel, you feel like oh shit, no. So it’s been a back and forth process, but I’m sure in the end it’ll all be worth it!

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