When I was planning my move to Italy, I bought this cute 1000 piece puzzle by a company called pintoo. I would totally recommend this brand because it’s a fully moveable puzzle that doesn’t require any glue which means you can move the puzzle from living room to kitchen to wherever you wish.

Anyhow, so I got this puzzle and brought it over here thinking it would be an excellent time-killer for the evenings and a way to unwind at the end of a day.

enter reality…

Well as romantic as that idea may seem, I have to say that puzzles are in no way relaxing. I discovered first hand that they totally suck the energy out of you and strain your eyes. So during my first trimester (aka hell), I naively decided to open this puzzle and give it a shot thinking it would help me pass 3 days or so at home.

Turns out, I couldn’t work on the puzzle for more than an hour without an onset of a migraine that would then last the entire day. I figured that if it required so much of my concentration, I might as well be working, on my real job (which I took a major hiatus from) or on a creative side project. Now that I’m well and truly over the morning sickness, the other day I decided that I would finish this puzzle that’s been sitting there half completed, taking up space in my living room. And today I finally finished it – only to find that I’m missing 2 pieces!!! I put together 998pieces to find that I’m missing 2 fucking pieces!!! This is what a thankless job must feel like.

Were they sucked up by the vacuum cleaner? Were they accidentally taken out with the rugs to the cleaners? I die. I hope that they turn up somewhere soon…

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