Calculus on a Thursday afternoon

I’m not a mother (yet), so I don’t have children. Let alone children going through school. But yesterday it struck me when my future nephew – let’s call him that, even though technically speaking he’s my fiancé’s nephew once removed (no, really. That’s the technical terminology). Back to the story, my fiancé’s cousin’s 16 year old son said over dinner that he had absolutely no interest in learning calculus, because I mean what is it good for?

As soon as I heard him talking about learning calculus from first principles, I understood the frustration completely. Because that was also my first introduction to calculus – IN SCHOOL. Differentiation by first principles. *snore and bore me more*. My first introduction to calculus in TUITION was much different. And I ended up being a freaking gun at calculus.

So I told him that I’d put a few notes together for him to try to explain calculus in an interesting, informative and practical way. And then mid research (because let’s face it, if you don’t use it, you lose it) I got side-tracked by YouTube. Classes and classes of informative, well-taught lessons on calculus by enthusiastic teachers.

Where the hell was youtube when I was studying for my HSC*?

I realised something. Technology is changing the game in education not only in terms of the medium in which we can learn things. But it’s a game changer because as a parent, who is relatively bright, which I assume you are which is why you’re reading this (I mean, totally), you don’t really have to pay for extra curricular tuition anymore. Find a couple of good youtube videos to inspire your kids, to explain things where their teachers may be lacking, and you’re set. Any questions they might have, they can ask their teachers right? Unless their teachers really aren’t qualified, in which case you should probably complain. After all, it’s not as though tuition is for teaching anything beyond the syllabus.

What are your thoughts on this? Parents?

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*The High School Certificate are the exams sat by year 12 students in New South Wales, Australia to obtain a score, which determines which university courses for which you will be eligible.

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