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Meal Planning for a week

Grocery shopping is a real time-suck. I’ve always enjoyed it, but I’ve never had an eye on budget, or had I in mind what I was going to make with the things I would buy. For example, these eggplants look in season, I’ll take them – without a second thought as to how I was going to prepare them.

This is something I have had to actually think about since my new additional role as a “housewife”. Here is a simple meal plan for a week that hacks the time-suck that grocery shopping is.

Every Monday, I’ll put together a different meal plan and do my shopping in the mid-morning. My weekly plans are dairy-free, mostly gluten-free (or at least adaptable) and balanced to ensure that I’m getting healthy and fresh ingredients in my meals all week, with just one or two trips to the supermarket.

Sample meal plan:

Breakfasts are simple. In Italy, they’re not the healthiest (usually a croissant or brioche, or a slice of sweet cake and a coffee will suffice), but I’ve put in what I realistically do here. The most helpful parts for me are the lunches and dinners.

The mid morning snacks, some days I will eat them during breakfast, some days not at all. Same goes for the afternoon tea. I mean, if I know I’m going out for a steak dinner that evening, maybe I’ll skip the afternoon tea. This isn’t a diet plan where I have to count the calories etc. I can easily swap out a main meal (breakfast/lunch/dinner) with a meal out. Maybe it’s Sunday and I’ll have a brunch out with friends. That’s totally fine!!! I never feel guilty about how much or what I’ve eaten. Life is for living, food is for eating! I think as long as you’re relatively healthy most of the time and you don’t overindulge too often, it’s all good.

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