Productive Indulgence

Right now I have my phone set on a 10 minute timer while I’m running a bath upstairs. Fiancé has decided to go to confession (a ritual which I’m still not too sure I understand, but ok, no judgment) and so nothing calls more for a nice warm bath than a calm Saturday afternoon at home alone.

A quick Google search of “ritual bathing” leads me to believe perhaps this is not the best title for this post. I don’t follow my bath with burning a list or chanting. But there is something so beautiful and relaxing about bathing.

I don’t mean burning candles and adding bubbles, no. I mean relaxing for the muscles, the body. Not the mind. I know this will steer away all the spiritualistic junkies (which is also sometimes me), but this is me at this phase of my life.

I love to believe I can multitask [note the verb, “believe” – I can barely absorb the content of a podcast while putting on make-up]. But one thing I have discovered is how convenient it is now to have a phone that is water resistant! The phone goes in the bath with me, and I play around with a few language apps or listen to a few podcasts while I take a bath. It’s productive indulgence! And I feel so invigorated after. I would say that the secret is finding the perfect temperature of water. That means, not too hot!

Although I’ve been in this house for 9 months now, it’s only really been in the past month that I’ve started to use the bathtub. The environmentalist in me would say “seriously, you can go without” – but it’s just all too enticing. I look forward to that moment so much in my day. These days I’ll usually justify it somehow or another – “oh, I went for a walk”, “my muscles are aching”, “I carried out some form of house-wifery”. But some days it’s just so cold that there is really nothing better than to sit in a tub and chill – no justification required.

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