bath indulgence

Productive Indulgence

Right now I have my phone set on a 10 minute timer while I’m running a bath upstairs. Fiancé has decided to go to confession (a ritual which I’m still not too sure I understand, but ok, no judgment) and so I’m taking this time for a little indulgence in a nice warm bath on this calm Saturday afternoon at home alone.

A quick Google search of “ritual bathing” leads me to believe perhaps this is not the best title for this post. I don’t follow my bath with burning a list or chanting. But there is something so beautiful and relaxing about bathing.

I don’t mean burning candles and adding bubbles, no. I mean relaxing for the muscles, the body. Not the mind. I know this will steer away all the spiritualistic junkies (which is also sometimes me), but this is me at this phase of my life.

I love to believe I can multitask [note the verb, “believe” – I can barely absorb the content of a podcast while putting on make-up]. But one thing I have discovered is how convenient it is now to have a phone that is water resistant! The phone goes in the bath with me, and I play around with a few language apps or listen to a few podcasts while I take a bath. It’s productive indulgence! And I feel so invigorated after. I would say that the secret is finding the perfect temperature of water. That means, not too hot!

Although I’ve been in this house for 9 months now, it’s only really been in the past month that I’ve started to use the bathtub. The environmentalist in me would say “seriously, you can go without” – but it’s just all too enticing. I look forward to that moment so much in my day. These days I’ll usually justify it somehow or another – “oh, I went for a walk”, “my muscles are aching”, “I carried out some form of house-wifery” such as this. But some days it’s just so cold that there is really nothing better than to sit in a tub and chill – no justification required.

Meanwhile some of my favourite podcasts to listen to lately:

Tim Ferris Podcast

I really like a lot of the interviews that Tim Ferriss does. I’ll skip the ones on topics I’m less interested in because they are usually quite long. But he’s a great interviewer and I’m kind of addicted to listening to his podcasts, so much so that I’ve also got all his books.

News in Slow Italian

To practise my comprehension in Italian and to build vocab I usually listen to this podcast when it comes out. I mean sometimes I’m completely off, but okay, I’m trying.

The Jillian Michaels Show

I love this woman’s sass and humour. She seems so real, that this is usually just a very refreshing podcast to tune in to. The range of topics she talks about is varied but it’s fun to listen to her opinions and experiences.

Where should we begin? – Esther Perel 

There are some really great topics that are covered by Esther Perel and concepts that are put into such well formed ideas that I find helpful in understanding relationships, past and present. I actually really like her interviews found on YouTube probably even better than the podcast.

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