Quando si è alzato il gomito just a little too much

The other day we (you can safely assume that unless specified “we” will always refer to my fiancé and myself) went out to a celebratory dinner and I had a little too much to drink – which by the way is super un-Italian, but it doesn’t matter. I totes held it together until we left the dinner. It didn’t occur to me until after, when my head was spinning in the car, that I’d totally forgotten to drink any water and every glass I was mentally counting was champagne. When I got home, I made the errors of going to sleep 1) with my make up still on 2) without drinking water. Needless to say, I woke up with the worst hangover, wanting to stab myself in the face for the sheer stupidity of not helping myself out the night prior.

Anyway, while I was half dying, unable to keep anything down – not even water, I suddenly had a huge craving for something familiar, warm and a great vehicle of liquid. Chinese congee. Anyone who has lived in Hong Kong or Taiwan knows that this is the best after a night out. As much as I wanted it, my head was throbbing and the thought of opening my eyes, let alone calling down the stairs for my fiancé and communicating how to make this to him in Italian was just all too much. I mentally kicked myself for not having thought to teach him my favourite “go-to” recipes for when I’m sick.

So I would totally recommend everyone have the foresight to do as I say and not as I do in this type of situation.

Teach your SO (significant other) or your oldest child (haha start ’em young), your pet or who ever how to prepare your favourite go-to meal for when you are sick. Teach them on a day when you’re not actually unwell and make sure they know how to make this! Test them. Write a little recipe card and stick it somewhere so that when you are actually under the weather (be it a real illness, or the result of a little too much to drink – in which case, WHY is this still happening in 2017?!), they will know how to deal.

My favourite foods when I’m sick are:

  • Congee with Asian pickled cucumbers (just put these in the pantry, they last for ages unopened).
  • McDonalds fries and burgers, no cheese. Um, super familiar food. I feel bad for the anti-McDonalds and anti-Coca Cola sentiment these days. When travelling, these are my absolute go-to’s when I’m feeling out of sorts. Not even going to start on the marketing and business model genius of both.

What are your go-to foods after a big night, I mean what actually works?


*P.S. my fiancé did actually get it so right when I explained how to make my congee, and it was perfect! I don’t know… great instruction or great guy… hmm.. 🙂 ♥♥

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