christmas diet

Making sure I don’t gain a ton over Christmas

Maintaining a sensible diet during the festive season


Christmas time is nice but it’s definitely the time of year when we tend to over-indulge almost as though in preparation for our inevitable New Years Resolution of “eating healthier” or “going on a diet” etc.
Here’s my hack for this.

Firstly, don’t set a new years resolution of “dieting” at all. Just don’t. It doesn’t matter how fat you might be. I firmly believe that “diets” don’t work.

Set a new years resolution of eating “healthier” if you must, but not for “eating healthy all the time”. Healthier means just that. Healthier than what you’re doing now. Keep in mind that it means that every now and again you will allow yourself to indulge. So there’s no need to overdo it from now until January 1st.

Christmas usually means a lot of parties, if you’re in Italy it’s the season of social events and gathering over food and wine and often these are long drawn out lunches or dinners. So if all the meals are often out at restaurants and quite heavy, this means that you really only have breakfast to combat the battle of the bulge.

So breakfast. It’s all about the yummy, cleansing and inflammation fighting GREEN SMOOTHIE.

I try not to skip it, otherwise I’ll end up having a massive lunch.

I try to make fiancé drink one too because he’ll be better for it (plus I’m not great at portion control when it comes to blending up a batch).

Here is my recipe (that I stole and adapted from Jessica Alba) for a green smoothie that will keep you satisfied, make your skin glow and that is packed full of fibre to keep your digestive system regular and functioning during the holiday season. This won’t work if you try to turn it into a cold pressed juice. Drink it as a smoothie, your body will thank you come the New Year!

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